Recursos comerciales esenciales

Governments throughout the U.S. are understandably now taking drastic steps in some instances to combat the rapid transmission of COVID-19, including shutting down businesses deemed non-essential. 

As a result, ISSA is providing all members with a resource to help them determine their status (“essential” or not) in light of the recent and multiple shelter in place orders issued by state governments in recent days, most of which require non-essential businesses to close. 

ISSA has advocated before state and federal bodies that all segments of the cleaning industry are part of the nation’s “essential critical infrastructure”; and therefore should be allowed to remain open for business even in the face of local, state or federal government “shelter in place” or “non-essential business” closure directives. 

ISSA is happy to say that in most cases the state governments have declared the cleaning industry supply chain to be essential and allowed to stay open. Still, businesses themselves must use their discretion based on their unique circumstances in deciding if they will remain open to serve their customers.

Cleaning workers are on the front lines of this fight. Our industry plays a critical role in slowing the spread of the virus by implementing best practices and adhering to CDC guidance on disinfecting and sanitizing commercial, institutional, and residential spaces.